Top 4 International Study Abroad Scholarships For Graduate Students in STEM

Top 4 International Study Abroad Scholarships for Graduate Students in STEM

When applying to a master’s program in the United States or the United Kingdom, if you specify that you’d want a scholarship to help cover the cost of your education, you may receive a partial or full scholarship without having to do anything else. The same holds true for doctoral programs; often, if you apply for admission and a scholarship, you will receive at least a portion of the scholarship.

However, there are certain established scholarship programs that need a separate application that are notably substantial, generous, and well-known. And thus, for anyone interested in pursuing a master’s degree in a STEM profession in either the United States or the United Kingdom, here is a list of the five best scholarships available.

One: Google’s Scholarships

Scholarships in computer science and computer engineering are available from Google to students all around the world.
In this piece, I’m briefly going to showcase two of those scholarships.

Google Generation Scholarship
Awarding Women in the Field of Technology
Scholarships for the Google Generation
They are searching for students like you, who are presently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, and who demonstrate academic distinction, extracurricular activity, thought leadership, and diversity.


A curriculum leading to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or engineering would qualify.
And if you’re thinking of attending a university in the United States or Canada for your undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or engineering, you should read this.
This honor will be granted based on demonstrated scholastic achievement. The prize is valued at $10,000 U.S. or $5,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD). That’s $5,000 in Canadian currency.

Programs that award grants to deserving women in the technical fields
It is proposed that the Women’s Technical Scholarship be made available to students in all three degree programs (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral).
Looking at the magnitude of the prize. A year of college in the United States will set you back $10,000, but the same year in Canada or Europe will cost $5,000 or 7,000 euros.

To learn more about the Google scholarship, please go here.

Top Secret:6 Unpopular UK Fully-funded Scholarships You don’t know About \s2. Funded by the Gates Foundation, the Cambridge Scholarship
The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is solely available for research-based programs at the University of Cambridge at the present time. A master’s degree program that focuses on research might take as long as two years to complete. You have the option of completing either a one-year program (like an MPhil and LLM) or a three-year research-based Ph.D. (like an MBA).
Non-research oriented courses, certificate programs, and those leading to a degree are not part of this program.

I don’t understand what they’re trying to find. They want students that thrive in the classroom. They want someone who can lead and who can mesh well with Cambridge. If you’re interested in applying for this scholarship, you should first familiarize yourself well with the courses and colleges at the University of Cambridge. And you want to check out the lecturers and see whether you’d be a good match for the program, all while convincing Cambridge that you deserve to study there.

All of your tuition and living expenses (up to a maximum of £17,500 per year) are covered by this extremely generous scholarship. Your visa, health insurance, and one round-trip economy flight home are all included as well.

Three international students can receive full funding for bachelor’s degree programs.
Third, Stanford University’s Knight Hennessy Award
As the largest completely endowed scholars program in the world, Stanford University’s Knight Hennessy Scholarship provides full financial support for hundreds of international students from all over the world, covering their tuition, fees, and living expenses.

This is intended for students studying abroad from all around the world.

You can apply to any graduate school and still be qualified for the Stanford program. A master’s degree in any field is acceptable. The same goes for dual or dual doctoral programs.

Students who demonstrate autonomy in thought, leadership with a clear goal in mind, and a concern for the greater good will stand out. Obviously, they want only the brightest students, as participation in the Night Hennessy program is contingent upon acceptance to Stanford University.

You would qualify if you have completed a four-year undergraduate program, such as an engineering degree or an MBA, or a five-year undergraduate integrated legal degree.

But what if you’ve completed a three-year bachelor’s degree program instead and are still interested in this Stanford program? You’ll need to have finished your master’s degree program in that instance. In other words, if we have completed a three-year undergraduate program in another nation, we will need to complete another two years of study to earn a master’s degree.

Is there a cap on my age, if that’s what you’re wondering.

How about right now?

When is the deadline for applications, or when can I submit them?

may submit an application if they are in their last year of high school

You should recall that we stated that three plus two equals seven. To be eligible, you must be in your last year of a master’s degree program that takes three years to complete. That’s the earliest application deadline; applications received later than four years after a bachelor’s degree was earned will not be considered.

Procedure for Applying for the Knight Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University Standardized Tests, if Required (GMAT,GRE,LSAT,MCAT etc)
Tests of English Language Competence (TOEFL/IELTS)
Both a Stanford University application (with essays) and a separate Hennessy program application (with essays) are required for this award.

You must take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) if you choose to study law, and the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) if you wish to study medicine.
The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for admission to engineering-science programs, whereas the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is required for admission to management-based programs.
That is the initial required standardized examination. Along with that, they must have a passing score on either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the TOEFL.

Three international students can receive full funding for bachelor’s degree programs.
AUW: The American Association of University Women (AAUW Scholarships)
The purpose of this scholarship is to support women’s further study at the university level in research-oriented majors. The value of the prize is fairly considerable for a master’s program, but it would also cover the costs of a Ph.D. or post-doctoral research. The maximum annual award for a Ph.D. program is $20,000, while the maximum annual award for postdoctoral research is $30,000.

They must have a bachelor’s degree that took at least four years to finish (preferably five), or we want a master’s degree that took only three years to accomplish.

There has to be at least a year of investigation into your program. They are on the lookout for future leaders, so showing that you are dedicated to returning to your own nation is a must. They will consider budgetary constraints as well.
When putting up your application, be sure to include a convincing justification for why you need to return to your home country immediately to put to use the invaluable research and academic training you have received.


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