Top 10 Scholarships for International Students in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the top locations for foreign students wishing to pursue free courses in Europe, along with the UK and Germany. Internationally recognized degrees are provided by Dutch educational institutions, and both the Dutch government and other entities as well as Dutch colleges and universities offer a sizable number of scholarships in the Netherlands.


Government Scholarships from the Netherlands and the EU for Foreign Students

The NL Scholarships
The Holland Scholarship is intended for foreign students from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who wish to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree at one of the participating universities in Holland. You will get the scholarship, which is worth €5,000, in the first year of your studies.


Program for Orange Knowledge

The Orange Knowledge Programme seeks to advance the improvement of individuals’ and organizations’ ability, knowledge, and quality in the sectors of higher and vocational education as well as in other areas connected to the program nations’ key issues. An OKP scholarship is meant to augment the pay you should keep getting while the scholarship is in effect. The scholarship helps with living expenses and other things including tuition, a visa, travel, insurance, etc.


Dutch Universities and Colleges Offering Scholarships to International Students »


Scholarships for Excellence at Leiden University
The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Programme (LExS) is accessible to exceptional non-EU/EEA students enrolled in any of the university’s MA, MSc, or LL.M programs. The scholarships might be in the amount of €10,000 toward tuition, €15,000 toward tuition, or the entire amount of tuition less the house charge.

Scholarships for High Potential at the University of Maastricht
Talented students from outside the EEA may apply for UM High Potential Scholarships to study in any master’s degree or graduate program for professionals provided by Maastricht University (UM), with the exception of the School of Business and Economics. The scholarships pay for the cost of tuition, monthly living expenses, insurance, and visa fees.

University of Radboud Scholarship Program
The Radboud Scholarship Program gives a chosen group of gifted future non-EEA students the chance to acquire a scholarship to undertake a full Master’s degree program at Radboud University Nijmegen with English as the primary language of instruction. The scholarship consists of a partial tuition waiver rather than a cash sum that will be sent into your bank account. Up to the level of an EEA student, there will be no tuition charges. The Radboud Scholarship also includes coverage for expenses related to obtaining a visa, a residency permit, health insurance, and liability insurance.


Scholarships for Excellence at Utrecht University
Outstanding aspiring students have the chance to study at Utrecht University for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a variety of subjects thanks to the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship. The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship may be given in the form of tuition only or tuition + 11.000 euros in living costs.

University of Groningen Scholarships for Erik Bleumink
Scholarships from the Erik Bleumink Fund are typically given for any one or two-year Master’s degree program that the University of Groningen offers. The award covers the cost of tuition as well as any additional expenses for books, health insurance, and overseas travel.


Excellence Scholarships at TU Delft
For overseas students, the Delft University of Technology has a number of excellence scholarship programs. One of such initiatives, the Justus & Louise van Effen scholarship, is to provide financial aid to outstanding overseas MSc students who aspire to attend TU Delft. The award is a complete scholarship, covering both the cost of tuition and a monthly living stipend.

Scholarships at the University of Twente
Excellent students from both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA nations who wish to enroll in a graduate program (MSc) at the University of Twente may apply for University Twente Scholarships (UTS). The scholarship is worth between 6,000 and 25,000 euros for a year.

Amsterdam’s VU University Fellowship Program
The VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) gives gifted prospective students from outside the EU/EEA the chance to enroll in a variety of Master’s programs at VU University and pursue a degree. The scholarship provides students paying tuition for non-EEA students with €15.000.


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